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Breathe To Read

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

2016 Challenge - Book #78 (Extra Book) - The Book Club

I still had a few weeks before the end of the year, so I kept reading.  My mom had lent me two books, and I was able to finish them both off.

The first one was called The Book Club

This is the story of five women who are in a Book Club together.  They are friends, but just barely.  There is Eve, whose husband sudden death sends her entire family into a tailspin and upends her very cozy lifestyle.  There is Annie, who is an attorney, who is trying to have children a little later in life, and it isn't going well.  Doris views the Book Club as a support group - she is trying to save her marriage until she is faced with her husband's betrayal.  Gabriella is the sweet innocent nurse whose husband loses her job, and instead of helping herself, she takes extra shifts to support her family while her husband stays out of work for a year.  And there is Midge who is an artist who is not married and has no kids, but has to deal with her over barring mother who decides to move back to Chicago to be near her daughter.

These five women come from different walks of life, but in the end, they see how much they need each other.  It becomes more than a book club - it is a support group for these ladies at the turning points in their lives.

I liked this book.  My mom deemed it "just okay", and I agree with her.  It was a nice easy read during a busy holiday month.  The writing was just so/so, but it passed the time.

If you are looking for a beach read, this may be a good one for you.

Stars: 3

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