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Breathe To Read

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Extra Book - The Killer Across The Table

Book: The Killer Across The Table
Author: John Douglas
Pages: 352

This is my 31st read for the year

I listened to this book while I was on vacation.  See - I DID do some reading.  

I have listeened to all of John Douglas' other books, so why stop now.  He is a gifted writer, and his stories from his time with the FBI are intriguing.  I have learned so much about the country's serial killers.  It is quite incredible.  This book comes 20 years after his Mindhunter stories and in this book he talks about his 4 most notorious cases.  

The audio book is read by Jonathan Groff - who plays Douglas in the Netflix Mindhunter series.  I thought that was great that they got him to read it - he does a good job.

This was a good book.  Nothing, to me, will be quite as good as his first - Mindhunter.  But this one was better than the last one I read - a little more about the various cases and delving deeper into the histories of the killers.  I say check it out.

Stars: 4

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