Breathe To Read

Breathe To Read

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Extra Book: Eight Perfect Murders

Book:  Eight Perfect Murders
Author: Peter Swanson
Pages: 388

This is my 39th read for the year

I listened to this book.  I have been working on a 4000 piece puzzle while we have been in quarantine for Covid-19, so audiobooks have been my go to recently. 

This is the story of bookseller Malcolm Kershaw who made a list of 8 books that he felt told the story of 8 perfect murders.  It was for a blog he was using to help promote books at the bookstore he owned, and didn't expect it to mean anything to anyone.  One day - an FBI agent comes knocking at his door and tells him that someone he committing murders based on the 8 books/murders he wrote about on his blog.  Malcolm is worried that he could be a suspect, so he starts to investigate himself into who might be commit these murders.  What it leads to is a shocking twist in the story and Malcolm finds his own life in danger.

This was a good book.  I love murder mystery books, so when this one came out, I wanted to try it.  It is a good story, and well written.  I wasn't sure where it was going (except I was sure Malcolm was not the murdered), which to mean makes a good read.  I encourage you to try this one.

Stars: 4

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