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Breathe To Read

Friday, August 5, 2022

Book: Magic Hour

 Book: Magic Hour

Author: Kristin Hannah

Pages: 432

This is my 65th read of the year

This is the story of Julia.  A psyhiatrist that has been thrown into the public eye after one of her patients killed several people.  The media and everyone involved felt that Julia should have seen the signs.  When the court deems Julia innocent of any wrong doing, Julia hopes to get her life back on track.  Soon she discovers that this is harder than she realizes.  When her sister calls her to help with a little girl that was found in the woods, Julia jumps at the chance to get away and start fresh.  As Julia starts to work with the little girl, she rekindles old friendships and a relationship with her older sister, and discovers that she can still do some good when it comes to troubled children.

This was an okay book.  I am an on again/off again Kristin Hannah fan.  She has written some books that I really love, and some books that I just could not get into.  This unfortunately was not one of the good ones, in my opinion.  The writing was just so/so.  There were a lot of side stories going on, and so for me the main focus - the little girl and where she came from, who captured her, etc - got lost in the mix.  The characters and predictable and not all that likable.  The author spent too much time developing side love stories rather than focusing on the main objective of the book.  Ending was predictable.

Eh - not one to jump on if you are a fan.  Honestly - the only two books of hers I really liked were Nightengale and Winter Garden.  Not sure if i wil put up her stories in the future.

Stars: 3

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