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Breathe To Read

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Book: Deathless Divide

 Book: Deathless Divide

Author: Justina Ireland

Pages: 560

This is my 56th read for the year

In the second book in the Dread Nation Series, Jane McKeene and Katherine Deveraux are allied against the dead.  Summerland has fallen and they are on the run to a new safe haven.  However, they are quickly finding that there is no where they can run where the dead won't follow.  When the mystery of why comes to be know, but Jane and Katherine set out on a path to stop it from becoming worse.  However - their paths diverge unexpectadly, and when they find each other again, the women find they are not the same.  Jane is single mindedly focused on getting the person responsible for endless tragedy, and Katherine just wants to keep everyone safe.  It takes a chance encounter for Jane and Katherine to realize how much they need each other.

This was a good second book.  It is well written and moves along at a good pace.  I would say it probably was a bit more disconnected than the first.  There are a lot of characters and it jumps time (not a ton), so I had a harder time feeling for any of the characters besides Jane and Katherine.  Katherine does get more of a voice in this book and at first I thought it would distract from Jane's lead in this story, but it didn't.  I enjoyed her chapters as much as I did Janes and glad they gave her more of a central focus.

I am glad there was a follow up book.  The end left me a bit wanting or more wondering if there will be a third.  It could go either way.

Stars: 4

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