Breathe To Read

Breathe To Read

Monday, June 3, 2024

Book: Driving Miss Daisy

 Book: Driving Ms. Daisy

Author: Alfred Uhry

Pages: 80

This is my 94th read for the year

This is the story of Daisy Werthan, her son, Boolie, and her chauffeur, Hoke Coleburn  A play that takes place over the course of 25 years between 1948 to 1973.  Daisy has wrecked her car and at the age of 72, her son believes she needs to give up her driver's license.  He hires Hoke to drive her around, and over the years Daisy - who has an hard outer shell - befriends Hoke in her own personal way.  Hoke continues to drive for Daisy to near the end of her life and is there for her even when she is starting to forget everyone around her.

This is a great book.  This is one of my favorite movies, and I don't know how I have never read this play.  It is very short, but well deserving of the Pultizer Prize it won.  A whole story transpires seemlessly and I am so glad I read it.

Stars: 5

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