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Breathe To Read

Monday, August 26, 2019

Extra book: Things You Save In A Fire

Book: Things You Save In A Fire
Author: Katherine Center
Pages: 320

This is my 95th read for this year.

I listened to this book, which passed some hours on the tram and working in the yard.

This is the story of Cassie.  She is a firefighter who is at the top of her game.  She receives an award for her bravery, and knows that a promotion is right around the corner.  But an incident at the ceremony changes her path completely.

In the meantime, Cassie gets a call from her estranged mother asking her for help.  Her mother is sick and would like Cassie to come and live with her for awhile to help her get back on her feet.  Cassie sees this as an opportunity to start over fresh, and agrees to go.

Now she is in a new firestation in a new town, and trying to find her way as the only woman firefighter this station has ever had.  She and the new rookie firefighter are thrown together and made to find their way without much help from their crew.  She then again finds herself in a situation where she has to make a tough choice and doesn't know if her career will survive it.

This was a pretty good book.  It was a bit on the cheesy side, and sickingly sweet in a lot of ways.  Things seem to always work out for Cassie.   I did like her character.  She was sassy and I could picture the faces she would have been making when she delivered her cleverest lines.  Was it top literature?  No.  BUT - the book was an easy, summer read.  And I listened to it, and the reader of this book was perfect.  It held my attention and I found myself looking for opporutnities to listen because I wanted to see how it was going to end.  

I think a lot of people would love this book.  Like really love it.  I will stick strictly in the like column because it wasn't deep literature, but a fun, sweet read.  I am glad I read it.

Stars: 4

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