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Breathe To Read

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Book Challenge 2022: A Book That Is A Young Adult Novel: Monsters Of Men

 Book: Monsters of Men

Author: Patrick Ness

Pages: 656

This is my 9th read for the year

This is the last book in the Chaos Walking Trilogy.  It opens where we left off - there is a war between the Mayor, the Answer, and the Spackle.  The Spackle - who think as one - have mobilized to defend the 1000s of dead Spackle from the last book.  The new settlers ship has landed and they have now learned what has happened to Viola and her parents and what happens to them on this planet.  Viola and Todd are forced to decide where their loyalty lies.  In the end - will they choose each other, or follow either the Mayor or the Answer?

This was a mediocre ending to a mediocre series.  I am not sorry I read it, but this last book was a bit of a slog.  The two main characters are frustrating -their decisions at time confusing.  This made it hard to root for them. There were so many action scenes - to the point that he could have shortened the book by 200 pages and still told the same story.  The ending was not satisfying - after 3 books I like the story to wrap up and for there to be a true ending.  This left almost another cliff hanger.

Eh.  It was fine.  

Stars: 3

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