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Breathe To Read

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Book: A Day of Fallen Night

 Book: A Day of Fallen Night

Author: Samantha Shannon

Pages: 880

This is my79th read for the year

This is the story of 4 powerful women who must come together to fight an evil that is lurking in the shadows.  Tunuva who is a 50 year old women who has spent her life protecting the priory and its secrets.  Queen Sabran who is a mother who is trying to sculpt her only daughter, Glorian, into a someday queen by teaching her that it is more important to have iron in your bones than softness in your heart.  Dumai, who has spent her life in the mountains and among the dragons and whose life is about to be upended by an unknown father.  

These women and their people are put to the test when something called the Dreadmount errupts bringing with it world ending terror.  As their worlds collide to fight a common enemy, they discover truths about themselves that will be the power to stop it.

This was a pretty good book.  It is a PREQUEL to the Priory of the Orange Tree, and had I known that, I would have read it first.  I was confused from the start, and had to count on reviews on Amazon to help me realize that this indeed was a prequel because I wondered where all the old characters had gone.  The author does quite a bit of world building with endless characters.  I do love this type of book, but it does take a lot of concentration to keep everyone straight.  Like Game of Thrones, she delves deep into the corners of the world giving each chapter a clean look at each character.  I liked this set up because it helped with the flow.  For about 60% of the book-  I was hooked.  I found it better written than the Priory of the Orange tree, and was really getting into the battle and where it was all going to lead.  (by the way - you might find it each to piece together a story of a missing child pretty early on as I did).  However - then it takes a turn for the last 30% of the book to so much match making it became distracting.  It was like a switch was turned and she decided she needed more love story and less war, but instead of weaving it seemlessly throughout the book, it just kind of happened all at once.  I also saw a change in the writing as if she wasn't quite sure how to end the thing.  However - I did enjoy the very long epilogue - always a winner for me.

I am giving this book 4 stars mostly because it held up for me for a long time.  George RR Martin she is not, but she has the idea, so bravo.

Stars: 4

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