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Breathe To Read

Thursday, May 9, 2024

Book: Fall or Dodge In Hell

 Book: Fall or Dodge in Hell

Author: Neal Stephenson

Pages: 892

This is my 83rd read for the year

This story begins with Richard "Dodge" Forthrast.  A multibillionare who runs a gaming company.  When a medical procedure goes wrong, his last will is brought to the attention of his family  Dodge wanted his body to be given to a cryonics company and his brain scanned and stored in the cloud.  As the years go on, and technology advances, Dodge's brain is able to be turned on and an eternal world - called Bitworld - is created where humans can exist as digital souls.

This was an okay book.  I had high hopes for it, but it started to be a drag after awhile.  It started strong - the writing was good, the characters interesting.  Figuring out what the family was going to do with Dodge's body was intriguing.  But then Bitworld opens up and instead of it being equally as engaging (to me) as what was going on in the real world chapters, it fell flat.  I felt myself wanting to skip those chapters all together after while - I just couldn't get drawn into that part of the overall story.  It was just weird and felt completely disconnected from the rest of the book.

I looked at Stephenson's books - thinking I have read something from him before.  I read his book "Seveneves" and didn't like that one either so I guess this review is not that surprsing.

Stars: 3

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