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Breathe To Read

Monday, May 30, 2016

2016 Book Challenge - Book 44, Naked

It is getting closer to summer, so remembering to blog is getting harder.

The book I am reviewing is


It was under the category: A  Collection of Essays

This is a collection of stories and memoirs of the author.  It talks about overcoming his OCD, about being gay, his father being so overprotective that David never learns to drive, and how he and his siblings deal with the death of his mother from cancer, to his time spent in a nudist colony.

This book was okay.  The reviews talk about it being "side splitting funny", but I would not agree.  I have read a few of his books, and have always found him a bit.....odd.  Most of these stories in this books are so out there, I did have a hard time believing all of them.  But there were a few that gave me a little chuckle.  I mostly found him frustrating - he has so many tics with OCD, how did he not get help?  And he hitchhiked everywhere and put himself in so many dangerous situations, that it surprises me that he never learned to drive.

If you are a David Sedaris fan, maybe you will find something about this book to like.  Me?  I just thought it was okay.

Stars: 3

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  1. I'm also not a fan of Sedaris. When everyone else finds his stories hilarious, I more often find them vaguely distressing.