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Breathe To Read

Monday, October 15, 2018

2018 Challenge - Book #97 - Irish Ghost and Hauntings

Today's reivew is not for a recommended book.  IT is for a book that my eldest daughter picked up while we were in Ireland a few weeks ago.  I read it thinking it looked interesting.

Irish Ghost and Hauntings
Author: Michael Scott
Pages: 280

This is a compostition of Ghost stories and folk tales from Ireland.  They span from around the year 1000AD to present time.  There are a lot of stories about banshees, mermaids, witches, and more. 

I would like to say more, but there isn't much I can say.  Each story is very different, but they aren't that good.  They are random, not really scary, and many just....end.  They don't wrap up many of the stories.  Many of the stories left me for wanting more. 

There were a few that were good.  Not enough to make this book recommendable, but I enjoyed some.  It was a quick read - finished it in 2 days.  But that is about where the positives end.

Stars:  2

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