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Breathe To Read

Sunday, December 16, 2018

2018 Challenge - Book #116 - True Places

Today's review is for an Amazon First Reads book that I chose for the month of December

True Places
Author: Sonja Yoerg
Pages: 364

The story opens with a young girl named Iris who has been living in the woods with her mother.  Tiny and starving, she is out hunting when she hears her mother cry out.  She finds that her mother has falled down into a deep hole.  Iris is too small and weak to get her mother out and her mother sucumbs to her injuries.

Iris stumbles out of the woods and a woman, Suzanne, driving by sees her collapse on the side of the road.  Suzanne takes Iris to the hospital to get checked out and recover, and the police question Iris about where she came from.  Iris claims to remember very little, but does report that both of her parents have died.

Suzanne offers to take Iris to her house and foster her until Iris' family can be located.  Suzanne's husband, Whit, and her two children Ried and Brynn, are less than thrilled at the appearance of 16 year old Iris.  Ignoring her family's existing problems, Suzanne committs to "fixing" Iris and teaching her the ways of the world.  But Iris isn't ready for everything she has ever known to be turned upside down.

Soon Suzanne and her family realize that the appearance of Iris has taught them more about themselves than they were ready to learn.

This book was terrible.  I really didn't like it at all.  All the characteres were awful, the writing was subpar, and the story went no where.  We never found out WHY Iris' family was living in the woods.  Suzanne's children were ridiculous and hateful.  Her husband silly.  All the characters were full of themselves, shallow, and without depth.  Just bad writing.

I should have quit the book.  I have to be better about it.  It wa snothing but a waste of time.

Stars: 1

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