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Breathe To Read

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Top Ten Tuesday - Favorite Bookmarks

It has been awhile since I did a Top Ten Tuesday from The Artsy Reader.  Check our her blog and join in the fun!

Today's Top Ten Tuesday is:

Favorite Bookmarks

I don't have 10 of these, but I have a few.  Normally for a bookmark I use whatever is lying around or is closest. Sometimes it is a gum wrapper or a receipt.  Doesn't matter.   I should be collecting bookmarks on our travels - make that a quest in the future.

Here are the few I do have that have special meaning.

1) Bookmark I picked up recently in Barcelona

This on I picked up after seeing this very cool building by the architect Gaudi.  We visited La Sangrada Familia and it was incredible.  This stone was on the outside of the building.  In any direction, if you add up the numbers, you get "33".

2) Bookmarks handmade by my friend Larry Orlando

These beautiful bookmarks were a gift from our friend and caligrapher Larry Orlando.  Filled with amazing quotes about books and reading, I treasure them greatly.  I love picking one each time I start a new book, and reading the quote each time I open the book to get me in the right mindset to read.

3) Handmade bookmark made of wood

I found this company that makes personalized wooden bookmarks, and ordered one.  I could pick which books they placed on the bookmark, and this one is filled with many of my favorites.  It is small and delicate, so I don't use it when I read.  Instead I have it displayed on my shelf.

4) Bookmark I picked up in London

This is a bookmark replica of Rosetta Stone.  We saw the real thing at the London Museum a few years ago.  What a fantastic bucket list item that stone is.  Now that the stone is able to be translated, it becomes all that more intriguing.

5) Bookmark from Italy

This one is actually a favorite of my husband's.  He picked it up on our trip to Venice a few years ago because he liked it.  La Bauta are amazing handmade masks.  They were incredible to see.

6) Bookmark from my last stomping Grounds: Littleton, MA

We moved to Basel after living for 6 years in this small town outside of Boston.  While we were there, the town turned 300 years old, and the town gave out these great bookmarks.  I use it often and think about all of our friends there and the wonderful times we had living in that town.  AND - the town just voted to build a much needed new library, and I cannot wait to see the finished product.

Do you have a favorite bookmark?

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