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Breathe To Read

Friday, April 24, 2020

Extra Book: The Wives

Book: The Wives
Author: Tarryn Fisher
Pages: 336

This is my 38th read for the year

This is the story of a young girl who is one of three wives.  Her husband has two other wives that she has never met.  Her husband won't even tell her their names, so she calls them Monday and Tuesday.  One day she finds a receipt in her husband's pants pocket and she realizes it is the name of one of his other wives.  This starts her down a rabbit hole of finding out who this woman is and what she is like.  And that leads for the search for her husband's first wife.  Soon secrets come to the surface and she isn't sure she should have ever started the search.  Now she feels that one of the wives is in danger and she is doing everything she can to protect her and herself.

This was a good book.  It is hard to see where it is going until the end, which was great.  I purposefully didn't put the name of the main character in this review becuase it is not revealed to us until further into the book.  And to me, it makes a difference when her name is reveals.  There are twists and turns where you think you have it figured out and then the book takes a different direction than you expect.  It was a great book to listen to and I found myself looking for time to listen just to see where this story was going to go.  I highly recommend it. 

Stars: 4

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