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Breathe To Read

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Extra Book - Big Summer

Book: Big Summer
Author: Jennifer Weiner
Pages: 368

This is my 44th book for the year

This is the story of Daphne Berg.  Daphne - a plus size influencer has come far in her adult life.  She has just landed a clothing modeling job with a hot new designer that she is sue will increase her instragram status.

In walks a woman from her past - Drue Cavanaugh.  Her long lost best friend from high school.  Daphne and Drue had a falling out when Drue said everyone just felt sorry for Daphne because of her weight.  After not speaking for many years, Drue reappears to ask Daphne to be her maid of honor in her wedding.  The hot new designer thinks that Daphne agreeing to do this - even for someone she barely knows any more - will do wonders for both Daphne and the designer.  So Daphne agrees and finds herself not only in the wedding, but the maid of honor.

Drue's influential and extrememly rich family is the center of attention the wedding weekend because Drue is marrying a TV reality star.  Daphne finds herself drawn into the glamour of the weekend and is starting to wonder if Drue has really changed her ways.  Then tragedy strikes and Daphne tries to figure out what this was all about all along.

This was an okay book.  I am a Jennifer Weiner fan, but this wasn't a great one.  It is a GREAT beach read/summer book.  The story is quite shallow, but I have very thin skin for "influencers"  Just seems so silly to me.  If that is something that interests you, then this book would be for you.

Stars: 3

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