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Breathe To Read

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Extra Book - Where The Forest Meets The Stars

Book: Where The Forest Meets The Stars

Author: Glendy Vanderah

Pages: 328 Pages

 This is my 47th read for the year

I have been a huge reading slacker this summer.  I did listen to some audiobooks on our travels this summer, but due to moving and settling in the United States, visiting with family, and then moving into our temporary housing (until our house is ready) has taken up most of my time.  I got out of the reading habit and now that we are settled for a few months, I am going to try my hardest to get back into reading.  I have missed it!

This is the story of Joana Teale.  A breast cancer survivor, she is settling into life as a graduate student researching nesting birds.  One night a little girl shows up at her house saying she was an alien.  She is covered in bruises and Joana is sure she is a victim of abuse.  The little girl states that she is on this planet to see five miracles and then she can leave.  Joana who can't seem to locate the girl's parents, decides to let her stay and figure out what to do next.

With the help of Joana's neighbor, Gabriel, they start to piece together the girl's past until the truth comes to light.  However, in the meantime, the three form a bond that will be hard to be broken.

This was an okay book.  Not great.  I rolled my eyes at the writing a few times.  It passed the time while I had a long 10 hour drive to Pennsylvania, but that was about it.  It was entertaining enough, but the writing got more and more "lazy" near the end of the book and I found myself just wanting to finish it and not really devoted to the story anymore.

Stars: 3

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