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Breathe To Read

Monday, June 7, 2021

2021 Challenge: Ending That Surprised You: Woman In The Window

 Book: Woman In The Window

Author: AJ Finn

Pages: 464

This is my 55th read for the year

This is the story of Anna Fox.  Anna suffers from agoraphobia - hasn't left her house in almost a year.  Even the idea of going outside just a few steps sends her into a panic.  She fills her days watching old movies, drinking too much, and spying on her neighbors.  One night, she thinks she sees a woman murdered, and it sends her life into a tail spin.  She isn't even sure what she saw was real, but she needs to go out of her comfort zone, and out of her house, to find out.

this was an okay book.  I listened to it because I have endless hours to kill right now with projects and figured this would be entertaining enough to pass some time.  IT was.  I wasn't a big fan of "Girl on The Train" and this book reminded me a lot of that.  A borderline alcoholic character there and here - not a fan.  It was overdone. I think if I was reading this instead of listening to it, I would have been even more annoyed.  The book is a slow burn.  A very slow burn.  And the ending was a bit of a surprise, but nothing that I thought "oh my goodness!  I didn't see that coming!"

Eh.  For something that was a best seller, I expected it to be better. 

Stars: 3

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