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Breathe To Read

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Book: Everlost

 Book: Everlost

Author: Neil Shusterman

Pages: 336

This is my 95th read of the year

This is a story about Nick and Allie.  They were recently in a car accident and ended up in a place called Everlost.  Somewhere between earth and heaven - their souls are stuck.  Only children seem to end up in Everlost.  Not sure what to do, they meet another little boy and start on a journey to try and find out what happened to the rest of their family in the accident.  They meet Mary who has gathered as many lost souls as she could and given them a place to call home.  But Allie isn't buying it and soon tries to lure Nick away to continue on their quest.  When they leave, they are captured by a creature called The Haunter and soon are on a journey they never imagined.  

This was a good book.  Even though it is YA, I really enjoyed it.  I love most of Shusterman's books and this didn't disappoint. It is  the first book in a trilogy and I plan to read them all.  There is good character developement, and the idea of a place like this is clever.  How the children start to discover what it takes to leave which leads into the second book.

Knowing this was YA from the beginning, I enjoyed it.  It is for middle grade readers, but I think a lot of adults who are Shusterman fans will like this one too.

Stars: 4

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