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Breathe To Read

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Book Challenge 2022: A Book With Cutlery On The Cover Or In The Title: The Knife of Never Letting Go

 Book: The Knife of Never Letting Go

Author: Patrick Ness

Pages: 528

This is my 6th book for the year

This is the story of Todd Hewitt.  A boy of almost 13 years old, on an alien planet where only men are still alive.  (or so he thinks) When humans settled on this planet, the Spackle (aliens) infected them with the "Noise" so they can all hear each other's thoughts. (or so he thinks).  Todd is the last baby born in his settlement - was born on this planet and knows nothing else.  Todd learns from the people who care for him that the bad people in the town are after him, but he doesn't know why.  He is forced to flee with his dog (whose voice he can also hear) when he comes across a girl.  Why is she still alive when all the other women in his village are dead?  Together they set off together for a town called Haven that is supposed to protect Todd from the bad men and answer all of his unanswered questions.  Along the way they come across several other settlements that just add to his growing questions.  All the while an army from his settlement are in persuit to find him and bring him back.  

This book was fine.  I love dystopian novels and I couldn't get near this book last year at the library to borrow it because the movie came out.  But all that hype was a bit of a let down (as it almost always is).  It was entertaining enough, but not especially well written.  A lot of things are hidden from the reader more than necessary which is one of my least favorite writing styles.  Having to flip pages and pages to get to the bottom of a secret just to draw out the suspense?  No thanks.  There is a lot of running and hiding which should be exciting but wasn't.  It is pretty wordy - simple explanations go on for pages.

The dog is my favorite character.  I love that Todd can hear his thoughts.  I love the interactions between Todd and his dog as they travel.  The other characters it was hard to really care that much about.  I kept reading because I wanted to know the answers to the secrets, where this was going, and what was going to happen when they got to Haven.  And you know what I found out?  This book is a trilogy.  I didn't know that going in - silly me. ends on a cliff hanger.

I cannot have that.  Even though this book was just okay - I plan on reading at least the next one to see where this is going.

Stars: 3

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