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Breathe To Read

Saturday, June 11, 2022

2022 Challenge: A Book With Chapter Titles: The Dream Daughter:

 Book: The Dream Daughter

Author: Diane Chamberlain

Pages: 400

This is my 46th read for the year

This is the story of Carly Seers.  In the late 1960s she was working as a physical therapist when a patient named Hunter comes into her clinic for rehabilitation.  Carly is drawn to him immediately and feels like he would be a perfect match for her older sister.  Fast forward 5 years to 1970, and Carly is newly pregnant, Hunter is married to her sister, and Carly's husband has died in the Vietnam war.  Carly finds out that her baby has a dangerous heart condition that makes life outside of the womb impossible.  Her brother-in-law Hunter decides that Carly has had enough with the death of her husband that he is going to tell her his biggest secret and that he has the ability to possibly save her baby's life.  Carly finds it unbelievable, but decides to trust Hunter to save her baby.  What that leads to is Carly having to make some of the toughest choices of her life.

That was an interesting book.  It is about time travel, so if that isn't for you, then give it a pass.  I was intrigued to keep reading it to see where it was going to end up.  There were quite a few parts of this book that were aggrevating and just not well thought out.  When Carly makes a decision between two people (it is hard not to give things away), that part of the story isn't developed even though it is a huge deal.  The "epilogue" really clears up very little.  There were just too many gapping holes in the story to not be frustrating.  

this is a hard book to rate.  I liked the idea.  It just didn't flow as well as I would like, and didn't wrap up tightly.

Stars: 3

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