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Breathe To Read

Friday, August 26, 2022

Book: The Messy Lives of Book People

 Book: The Messy Lives of Book People

Author: Phaedra Patrick

Pages: 352

This is my 73rd read for the year

This is the story of Liv Green.  A maid for a high profile recluse author, and mother of two, Liv wishes for more.  When the author (Essie) invites Liv into her studio one day to ask her opinion on her newest book Liv gives her opinion that she feels that it isn't the author's best work.  A tenuous friendship forms, and Liv starts to feel more than just Essie's maid.

When Essie suddenly passes away, Liv finds out that Essie left instructions for her to finish the author's novel.  She also has to keep the author's death a secret for 6 months while the book is finished.  Liv starts to write the book and along the way starts to unravel the reclusive author's life and finds things out that she never expected.

This book was really awful.  Liv was a horrible character.  Completely unrealistic story line with a very selfish and self centered main character.  This is a maid who barely makes enough money to scrape by, has two children going to university and a husband and a low paying job.  Yet she uses some of her money to buy fancy clothes and getting pampered when they have a pipe that burst at home and a lot of bills to pay.  She gets mad at her husband for being reasonable.

Just silly.  I should have quit reading it, but I REALLY wanted to see what Essie left Liv in her will.  Trust me - not even a little worth it.

Stars: 2

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