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Breathe To Read

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Book: House of Many Ways

 Book: House of Many Ways

Author: Dianne Wynne Jones

Pages: 432

This is my 90th read for the year

This is the 3rd book in the Howl's Moving Castle Trilogy.  Charmain Baker is a spoiled young lady whose parents have always done everything for her.  When her great Uncle gets sick and she is sent to care for his house while he is away at the hospital, she thinks she is getting time to sit and read.  What she finds is a ton of housework she has no idea how to do.  There is also a dog that needs looked after and a young wizard that shows up saying he was summoned by her Uncle before he got sick.  What happens next is an adventure that Charmain never expected to be on.  She learns a lot about herself as she learns magic, meets the King, and helps save her country from ruin.

This was a pretty good book.  I read these with my youngest daughter who loved the Japanese movie.  It is well written and easy to read.  I did not care for the main character, Charmain.  She was frustratingly lazy.  I was reading it from a mom's point of view, of course, so when there is piling laundry and chores to be done and she grabs a book to go and read, you want to wring her neck.  That almost ruined the story for me because it was just a bit overdone.  But we do love Howl and his antics, and he does, of course, reappear in this final book.

Great little series.  Glad we read them.

Stars: 4

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