Breathe To Read

Breathe To Read

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Book Challenge 2023: A Book You Meant To Read In 2022: Gleanings

 Book: Gleanings

Author: Neil Shusterman

Pages: 432

This is my first read for the new year!

This is a spin off book in the Arc of Scythe series.  A book of short stories told from the perspective of diferent scythes and of different characters, you get another glimpse into this world.  Scythes have been in charge of population control ever since the world was irradicated of disease and death.  This book tells stories of how certain Scythes choose to Glean and the general publics reaction to Scythes all over the world.

This was a good book.  This is probably my favorite series by Shusterman, so I was very excited to see another book appear from this world.  I thought it was well written and enjoyed almost all of the stories.  There were a few that were just okay, but not enough to take away from the book or this clever world building.  Highly recommend.

Stars: 4.5

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