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Breathe To Read

Friday, March 24, 2023

Book: Unsweetined: A Memoir

 Book: Unsweetined: A Memoir

Author: Jodie Sweetin

Pages: 256

This is my 25th read for the year

This is Jodie's own story of her struggles with drugs and alcohol through her teens and twenties.  After 8 years as Stephanie Tanner on "Full House", Jodie found herself without a job and without a lot of friends.  At a wedding at age 13 she got her first taste of wine, and that started her down a path of destruction.  Spending the next 14 years in and out of rehab and struggling with meth, cocaine, and alcohol, Jodie recounts how the birth of her daughter at the age of 27 saved her life.  It took her being in charge of someone else to realize that her life had to change for good.

This was an interesting read.  Again - as I have written before - it is hard to review a book about someone who struggled so painfully with substance abuse.  While Jodie takes the blame more than other celebrities I have read about, she is still searching for the "why" of her situation.  This book was writte in 2009, and when I looked her up, it looks like she has been clean since that time and has turned her life around.

It was a quick read.  It started to lose steam near the end, but for the most part it was well written.

Stars: 3.5

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