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Breathe To Read

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Book: All Good People Here

 Book: All Good People Here

Author: Ashley Flowers

Pages: 320

This is my 33rd read for the year

This is the story Margot Davies.  She is back in her home town to look after her uncle who has early onset dementia.  When she returns to her hometown, she is brought back to 20 years before when her next door neighbor - a little girl named January - was killed and the killer never found.  While Margot is home visiting, another little girl goes missing from a near by town, and Margot - and the police - start to wonder if the cases are related.  Margot is now a reporter and decides to use her time to chase down any leads to connect the two cases and maybe uncover once and for all who killed January all those years ago.  What happens is she discovers things about the people in her small town that she never would have imagined.

This was an okay book.  I was actually enjoying it for the most part for over half the book.  I listened to this one, and was looking forward to chances to listen as I did yard work or walked the dogs.  But the ending - to me - just unraveled.  I was left hanging to the point of annoyance because it didn't make any sense.  There was an epilogue, so my guess is there isn't a sequel.  But my goodness - the ending just left you with too many questions to even make sense.  I was baffled.

Also - the author used "hitched their shoulders"  more than a dozen times.

Stars: 3

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