Breathe To Read

Breathe To Read

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Book: Weyward

 Book: Weyward

Author: Emily Hart

Pages: 336

This is my 51st read for the year

This is the story of three women across three timlines.  Altha - from 1619, who is on trial for being a witch.  Violet - whose mother has died and now she is trapped in the house where her Father hopes to keep her from turning out like her mother.  Somehting Violet doesn't even understand.  And then Kate -in 2019 who flees a brutal marriage in hopes of starting over.  All three women have one thing in common, but it takes time for Kate to put it all together.  Violet is her aunt and she left Kate her house  and Kate isn't even sure why.  She only met Violet once.  But as she digs deeper into her family's history, it becomes clear.

This book wasn't for me.  I want to start by saying that I did think it was well written.  But I really do not like books about domestic violence and rape. And this book had both.  I thought at first it might just be the begining of these women's stories and it would grow into what they became when they got out of the situation, but it lasted the whole book and I should have quit reading.  The only good male character is Violet's brother.  The rest were horrible.  

If these are triggering for you -do not pick up this book because it is the central theme throughout.

Stars: 3.5

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