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Breathe To Read

Saturday, July 22, 2023

Book: Drowning: The Rescue of Flight 1421

 Book: Drowning: The Rescure of Flight1421

Author: TJ Newman

Pages: 304

This is my 61st read for the year

Six minutes after flight 1421 takes off, the pilots know they are in trouble.  Their only hope is to land in the Pacific Ocean and hope that some of the passengers survive.  After the plane lands there is a quick decision to try and get as many people off the plane as possible.  However, when an engine explodes, one passenger makes the quick decision that the plane needs to close the doors and trap several passengers inside in order to save their lives from the flames.  Thus begins the harrowing rescue of those passengers who are now 200 feet under the ocean surface quickly running out of oxygen.

This is a work of fiction (which could be a little confusing based on the title) and the second book of Newman's I have read.  I liked the first one (Falling) pretty well, and this was was equally as good.  I listened to it on a long car ride, and its suspense and pace kept me wide awake during my drive.  It is intense and nerve wracking.  My husband said "this is a beach read", but I do not agree.  It is not a relaxing story.  While the entire book takes place over just a short number of hours, they are quite intense that, if you are like me, will find youself holding your breath wondering how it was going to turn out.

A pretty good book - I recommend both of her novels.

Stars: 4

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