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Breathe To Read

Friday, October 13, 2023

Book: The Dark Half

 Book: The Dark Half

Author: Stephen King

Pages: 431

This is my 89th read for the year

This is the story of Thad Beaumont.  He is a writer that once he started writing under the name "George Stark" became a best selling author.  Now that he is more succesful, and a married father of two, he wants to write as himself again.  So he does an article for People magazine burying George Stark.

However - George Stark will not be going quietly.  Thad is accused of murder of people who are closest to him in his literary world, and when his alibi checks out, he - along with the police - start to discover who is really behind the murders.  Thad knows that somehow he is responsible and only he can bring the murderer down.

This was a pretty good book.  I was interested to see where it was going right from the beginning.  It isn't terribly long - which is a rareity in the Stephen King world.  The story keeps moving, and has a decent ending.  The Epilogue was lacking - I would have liked more of what was happening with Thad in the future.  Overall - a good read.

Stars: 4

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