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Friday, October 21, 2016

2016 Book Challenge - Book #62 - And Then There Were None

Today's book

And Then There Were None

This is under the category:  A  Famous Book

This is an Agatha Christie classic about a group of 10 people lured to Indian Island by an various pretext.  Once they are gathered in the house, they are prompted to listen to a gramaphone recording in which all of the people in the group are accused of murdering someone.  They have all escaped punishment for their crimes.  The group quickly panics and tries to find out who the killer is.  In the mean time, they are slowly killed off - one by one in accordance with the "10 Little Indians" nursery rhyme that is displayed all throughout the house.  The group becomes more and more afraid of being alone and sure that one among them is the killer.

This was a pretty good book.  Believe it or not, I have never read an Agatha Christie book before.  I did enjoy this book.  It took me awhile to get used to the writing -since it was written in the 30s.  It was a quick read, and pretty entertaining.  Lots of "!", which I found funny.  My husband is always yelling at me for my over use of those, but yet here is one of the most famous writers of all time using them constantly.

I would recommend it.  It isn't very scary - probably because it was written in the 30s - it doesn't compare to scary today.  But it did leave you wondering who the killer was.  And when it is revealed, you definitely didn't see it coming.

Stars: 4

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  1. I read this, too! Same category, and I basically felt the same way about it.