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Breathe To Read

Sunday, October 16, 2016

2016 Challenge - Book #58 - Ella Enchanted

The book I am going to review next is called

Ella Enchanted

This is under the category: A book based on a fairytale, myth, folklo

This is the story of Ella of Frell who was given a gift at birth - the gift that she will always be obedient.  It was a gift from a foolish fairy.  For Ella's whole life, she has always had to do what people tell her to do, and if she doesn't she gets physically ill.  When she is nearly grown, she goes on a quest to find the fairy who gave her this curse.

This story is a silly one.  It is definitely a book for 3rd-4th graders.  It is a version of Cinderella - her mother dies, his father married an "evil stepmother" who comes with two daughters of her own, and she meets a prince that she falls for.  The differences are great, though (no talking mice) but the premise is the same.

It is a cute book.  Younger kids will love it.

Stars: 3

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