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Monday, August 13, 2018

2018 Challenge - Book #83 - The Story of Arthur Truluv

Today's reivew

The Story of Arthur Truluv
Author: Elizabeth Berg
Pages: 272

This is the story of Arthur Moses whose wife died 6 months ago.  He visits her grave every day to have lunch and speak to her.  While at the cemetery he meets a young girl named Maddy Harris.  Maddy - who is picked on at school, whose mother died and father is less than affectionate, befriends Arthur.  When Maddy finds herself in trouble, it is Arthur who takes her in and gives her a safe place.  Both who are lonely find comfort in their friendship.  Maddy - who nicknames Arthur "Truluv"- is moved by his eternal love for his wife.  And when Arthur's lonely neighbor - Lucille joins their clan, they become a family that depend on each other.

This book was....fine.  It was sweet, and the underlying story was cute.  It is no "Ove".  The story is so similar, but not as well written.  I find myself wanting to skip over passages due to them being boring or seemingly unnecessary.  And the story of the young Maddy borders on ridiculous.

I don't really recommend this book unless you feel like reading something that doesn't take much time or much thought.  Otherwise - stick with "Ove"

Stars:  2

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