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Breathe To Read

Friday, October 4, 2019

Extra Book: The Bride Test

Book: The Bride Test
Author: Helen Hoang
Pages: 320

This is my 118th read for the year.

This is the story of Esme Tran, and her opportunity to come to the United States.  A woman approaches her while she is cleaning the hotel and after a small interview, the woman asks Esme to come to the US and becomes the wife of her son, Khai.  There is a large sum of money and a job in it for Esme - both what she desparately needs to help support her young daughter, so she agrees.

Khai - an emotionless man who had no intentions of ever getting married, suddendly finds himself face to face with a girl he knows nothing about.  His mother insists that Esme lives with him for the summer and he helps her get adjusted to America.  His mother is sure that Khai will fall for Esme and they will get married before summer's end.

As the summer moves on - Khai and Esme find an easy relationship with each other.  Khai finds himself opening up and Esme finds herself falling for Khai.  But the summer is quickly coming to an end, and she isn't sure that it is enough to allow her to stay in the United States.

This book is silly.  It was entertaining - the perfect audiobook for running errands or exercising, or doing chores around the house.  It is light and an easy read.  But this is not good literature.  The characters weren't endearing or easy to like.  It moved at a good clip in the beginning of the book, but then it just dragged.  It is like a romantic comedy movie where you KNOW what is going to happen, so just get to it already.  The author just seemed to be filling the last 1/4 of the book with suspense just to make the book longer.  

There is also a lot of sex obsessed talk in this book, so be forwarned.  It was unnecessary.  It was too 50 shades of grey for this type of book (which I am assuming is more of a romantic/love story book).  

The book is cheesy, the characters obnoxious, and the pace slow.  Just pass on this book.  Maybe I wil try her other one (Which people seem to like much better), but after this - I just don't know.

Stars: 2

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