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Breathe To Read

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Book: Notorious RBG - The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

 Book: Notorious RBG

Author: Irin Carmon

Pages: 240

This is my 8th read for the year

This book need very little explanation as a summary.  This is a story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg told through interviews from her collegues, friends, family, law clerks, and even from RBG herself.  Written and published before the 2016 election, it brings up through her whole life - childhood to her years on the surpreme court, painting a picture of the life of the woman who made it her mission to fight for equality.

I listened to this book as I ran errands this last week.  I have the latest RBG book on my shelf, but was curious about this one as well.  Knowing that it stopped before Trump took office (and wondering if she knew what was coming if she would have retired so that Obama could have put another liberal judge on the bench) I was curious to get an introduction to the life of this pistol of a woman.  Reading about her life - even in this short form that really does just gloss over what she accomplished - made me anxious to read the more recent book about her.  She was a powerhouse.  She paved the way for women and we have a lot to thank her (and those around her) for.  

Check this one out.

Stars: 4

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