Breathe To Read

Breathe To Read

Friday, January 15, 2021

Read The World - Syria - Damascus Nights

 Book: Damascus Nights

Author: Rafik Schami

Pages: 264

Book takes place in the country: YES

Author is from the country: YES

I have visited: NO

This is my 5th book for the year

From Amazon:

Upon this enchanting frame of tales told in the fragrant Arabian night,the words of the past grow fainter, as ancient customs are yielding to modern turmoil.  While the hairdresser, the teacher, the wife of the locksmith sip their tea and pass the water pipe, they swap stories about the magical and the mundane:  about djinnis and princesses, about contemporary politics and the difficulties of bargaining in a New York department store.  And as one tale leads to another, and another, al of Damascus appears before your eyes, along with a vision of storytelling - and take - as the essence of friendship, of community, of life.

This was a pretty good book.  I loved the stories that were told throughout the book - intrigued as always with short stories within a novel.  The main character - Salim - has lost his voice and requires 7 stories from his 7 friends to bring it back.  The book takes place in Damascus in 1959 when Syria was part of a pan-Arab nation.  The storytelling was not prohibited speech, so it was a way that Salim and his friends could get together and talk without chancing prison.  The book will draw you in so it is well worth a look.  Check this one out.

Stars: 4


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