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Breathe To Read

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

2016 Challenge - Book 28, Stuck In The Middle With You

Today's book review is

Stuck in the Middle With You

This category is: Book By a person who identifies as transgender

This is a memoir about the author who went through a transition from male to female.  She was married and had two sons when she finally realized that she could not hide herself any longer.  She talked with her wife, and when through the transition from Jimmy to Jenny.  Her wife stayed with her and is still with her today.  She went from being Daddy to Maddy to her boys.  During her transition, her family faced a lot of challenges and many questions, but in the end, they stayed together as a family.  This book tells her story, but also has interviews others in her life and examines their relationships with mothers, fathers, and children whether their own or as their roles of.

I thought this was a pretty good book.  I would be lying if I was surprised that Jenny's wife stayed with her after her transition.  Her wife does not identify as a lesbian, but she loves Jenny and loved their life, so she stuck with her.  They seem like a well balanced, loving family.  Their boys are grown now, and striving, and show no ill effects of Jenny's transition.  I did enjoy the other interviews intermixed in this book - how people viewed their own relationships with their fathers, mothers and children.  And how those relationships formed the person they are today.

I suggest reading it.  There isn't a lot known or understood about people who are transgender, and I think this book gives a good insight on the struggles a person - and their family - can go through

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