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Breathe To Read

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

2016 Challenge Book 54 - Wonder

The book I am going to review today is:


This was under the category: Middle Grade Novel

This is the story of August Pullman who is a 10 year old boy with a facial deformity.  He has never been in public school, but by the time he is ready for 5th grade, his parents feel it is time for him to get out into the world and make friends his own age.  Even though he is used to people staring at him and keeping their distance, he isn't prepared for the reactions of many of the kids at his new school.  Soon, though, he makes a nice set of friends that see August for who he is - beyond his physical appearance.  His friendships grow and soon almost every kid in school sees themselves as a friend of August.  They see him for the person he is - not based on his physical appearance.

I really liked this book.  It is a favorite of my 13 year old daughter, and she encouraged me to read it.  I think it sends a great message about acceptance and seeing beyond the outside of a person.  It teaches kids that it is okay to ask questions but to always choose kindness.  If the kids in August's school never approached him, they would never have found out what a funny, kind, smart kid he is.  I would love to see this book read in classrooms across middle schools.  In a time where kids see so much negativity among adults and in the news, it would be nice for them to be reminded to be kind.

Go!  Read!

Stars: 5

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