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Monday, October 17, 2016

2016 Challenge - Book #59 - The World According to Humphrey

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The World According to Humphrey.  I read this one a while ago to the kids, but didn't realize I forgot to write about it.

It was under the category:  Read a Book Outloud to Someone Else

This is a book (Well quite an extensive series, really) about a little classroom hamster named Humphrey.  He is in a classroom of second graders.  He loves school, and gets to spend his weekends with a different student each time.  In the night, after all the kids have gone home, is when Humphrey has all of his adventures.  He has a "lock that doesn't lock" on his cage that allows him to get out and explore.  He keeps a little notebook and pencil behind the mirror in his cage so that he can learn along with the students.  He helps the kids in his class when he can - always looking out for others.

This series is really cute.  My two 10 year olds have had me read every single one of these Humphrey books to them.  They have good lessons about friendship, family life, classroom behavior.  And who can resist a cute little hamster.  If you have little ones, definitely check out this series.  They will love it.

Stars: 5

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  1. Heather loved these books for awhile! I don't think I ever read any of them.