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Monday, June 25, 2018

2018 Challenge - Book #77 - Secrets of a Charmed Life

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Secrets of a Charmed Life
Authro: Susan Meissner
Pages:  416

This is the story of a girl named Emmy and her sister Julia.  Emmy, at age 15 is trying to make something of her life during WWII.  Her mother is a single mother and Emmy doesn't know who her father is.  Julia, who has another father, only sees him from time to time.  Emmy and her mother don't get along, and Emmy is often left to care for her 7 year old sister. 

Emmy's secret passion is to design wedding dresses.  She sees an add in a wedding dress shop for a seamstress and she goes in to apply.  The shop owner is impressed with Emmy's designs and abilities at such a young age and offers to take her on.

Unfortunately, the war progresses and Emmy and her sister are evacuated with the other London children to the countryside.  Emmy figures that the war will move quickly and before she knows it she will be back in London and can contiue with her job.  While she is in the country, she receives a letter from the shop owners asking if Emmy can return to London for an interview.  There is a top designer that wants to meet with her and offer her a job opportunity.  Emmy decides she cannot miss this opportunity and needs to get back to London.

Returning to London starts the downfall for Emmy and her family.  A tragedy strikes and Emmy spends the rest of her life paying for her mistake. 

This was an okay book.  I loved Meissner's "A Fall of Marigolds" and was excited to read another book by her.  It started out strong, but then there was a large section of letters and I felt like skimming over them.  The book was beautifully written until this section.  Too much melodrama, and it was very unrealistic. 

I have a hard time recommending this book due to this part of it.  It is a shame because Susan Meissner is a wonderful writer.  This lost something for me.

Stars:  3

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