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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Top Ten Tuesday: Stand Alone Books That Need A Sequel (or in my case - sequels I need to finish)

Top Ten Tuesday - let's try again!  So - last week I saw that many people just tweaked her idea to do what they felt they could manage (and last weeks was hard), so I am going to do the same.

I read quite a few stand alone books, but as I went through my list I felt that there weren't many that didn't wrap up nicely, and I felt that they needed to keep going.  There are some where I need to FINISH the series, and haven't had time to do that because the other books didn't fit in a challenge I was participting in, or.....I am still anticipating them being released.  So, I am going to try that instead.

This was started by "That Artsy Reader Girl" and you can see her blog HERE 

1) Game Of Thrones
        - Okay Geroge R.R. Martin.  I am talking directly to you.  I have read all the books he has released and now....I wait.  And wait.  And wait and wait and wait.  What is up George?  For the love of reading - finish these books.  The TV series has continued on without you, but they are fumbling in the dark.  I want to read what YOU envisioned.  Not Hollywood.  Hurry up.

2) Scythe
         - This is the Neil Gaiman series, and so far there have been two books.  Scythe and Thunderhead.  Both excellent and I understand the third book is due out later this year.  I cannot wait.  I have really enjoyed these two books.  I highly recommend them.

3) The Lunar Chronicles
        - This book series by Marissa Meyer is something I would like to finish someday.  I have only read "Cinder" because it fit into a challenge I was doing, and I really liked the book.  It was a definite cliff hanger, so I need to make it a point to go back to the series.

4) Bridget Jones
        - There look like there are three books in this series, and I have only ever read the first one.  I have seen all the movies, but now I need to go back and read the series.  It seems like a light and fluffy series, so I think it would be fun to finish it.

5) The Chronicles of Narnia
         - My husband read this C.S. Lewis series to our eldest daughter year's ago, but I never read past the first one myself.  I really got involved in reading challenges these last few years, so it hasn't always left room for book series.  Maybe that is a challenge I should do one year.....only book series.  Anyway - I loved this classic novel, and my husband and daughter really enjoyed the whole series, so I definitely want to finish it.

6) Covered Wagon Women
           - This is a true story book series.  They are books full of diary entries from the women who traveled the Oregon trail.  I have two of the 5 books in the series, but have actually only read the one so far.  It was REALLY good.  It was amazing that the people had to go through when crossing the country.  I am looking forward to reading the rest.

7) The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency
        - There seem to be 18 books in this series that I can find. 18!  I am not sure I would ever get through that many without moving on to something else.  I have only read the first one in this series (for my Read The World challenge, actually) and I really liked it.  I understand that many of the books are just as delightful as the first, so I might have to read at least a couple more.


8) Ender's Game Series
          - This is another one of those daunting series that would be a real committment to read.  I committed myself to the Game of Thrones books (fitting them in during various challenges) because I truly love those books.  I did read the first Ender's Game book and enjoyed it.  I think I would like to try a few more just to see the character development and where the series is going.

9) Joe Dillard Series
          - This 9 book mystery is one I could definitely get into.  I was a huge Kay Scarpetta fan (until Patricia Cornwell stopped writing good books), and detective stories/mysteries are among my favorites.  I read the first book last year as part of my challenge, and really liked it.

10) Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy
          - This is a 10 book series, and I have only read one.  My husband has read them all, and they are among some of his favorites.  I did enjoy the first book very much, and I think finishing this silly series would be a treat.

So those are my 10!  I could probably keep going.  What are your favorite series?  Are there ones you haven't finished but would like to?


  1. I need to finish reading the Lunar Chronicles series

    1. The first one was so good, I definitely need to finish them. Have you read several? Did you enjoy them?

  2. Lunar Chronicles is on my to read list!

    AND I FEEL YOU SO MUCH ON GoT!!! I'm like 'the show is gonna finish and the book will never happen' why does he taunt us like this?!

    Also, a note on the Ender's Game books, after like the first 5 or so there are a lot of novellas, there's even one that's like a weird Christmas story? It was so odd. I would say the best in the series for me were: Ender's Game, Speaker for the Dead, Ender's Shadow, and Shadow of the Hegemon. I would also say I really don't think they're that great after Shadow Puppets.

    1. Right? I am going crazy with George R.R. Martin being too big for his britches and doing other things and NOT finishing that series! It is maddening.

      Thanks for the heads up on Ender's Game. I see what you mean, and that is really good to know!

  3. Here you go my dear.... The Toll.:).

  4. Hope you are able to get to all these books soon!
    I really do love the Lunar Chronicles so I hope you are able to get to it. Trust me, it won't be a mistake!

    1. That is so good to hear. That first one was really good. I am glad the others hold up