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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Top Ten Tuesday - Books on my Summer TBR list

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Today's category is : Books on my Summer TBR list

Well - to say the list is long, would be an understatement.  I am working through a big Read The World Challenge, plus I have books off challenge that I have added to my pile.  The question remains - how many will I get to read?

Normally, Summer would be lazy days, and lounging around the pool.  Our summers are spent in the United States with family.  We spend the time trying to do a lot of the activities that the kids and I have missed, visiting with friends and family, and eating - oh the eating!!  I don't know how many of you are familiar with Switzerland, but eating out isn't something you can afford on a daily basis.  So I plan to hit all of our favorite restaurants.

That means I don't have free time during the day to read as much as I do now.  We are going to a lake in North Carolina for a week, so that might be a chance to get a few done.  But I expect my list to slow way down for the 6 weeks I am gone.  And that is okay.  We are going to be doing so many fun things.

I am going to list 5 from my Read The World Challenge and 5 from my list of extra books that I hope to get in this summer.  I think I can pull off 10 over the next two months.

1. Bolivar
        - Author: Marie Arana
        - this one is part of my Read The World challenge, for the country of Bolivia.
        - This one is a biography, so it MAY end up being too heavy for a summer read, so we will see if it stays or goes.  It is the story of the famous South American general.  He freed six countries from Spanish rule and is one of the most revered figures in South America. 

2. Rebel Born
           - Author: Amy Bartol
          - I am really looking forward to this one because it is the final book in the SecondBorn Trilogy.
           - Roselle, the heroine of the story, has been abducted.  The abductees want to turn her into a mind-controlled assassin.  But they don't know she has a secret weapon.

3. Water and Light - A Diver's Journey
            - Author: Stephen Harrigan
            - This is part of my Read the World challenge, for the country of Turks and Caico Islands
            - I thought this one might be good for summer since it involves the ocean.  It is an underwater exploration from the eys of an experienced Diver. 

4. Legendary
         - Author: Stephanie Garber
         - The second book in the Caraval series.  I started reading Caraval last week, and I am loving it so far.  It is a very unique book, and so I am 100% sure I would like to read all three books in this series. 
         - Donatella has been swept up in Caraval and saved her sister from a disasterous marriage.   But Tella isn't free.  She has to uncover Caraval Master Legend's real name. 

5. Stories from Puerto Rico
          - Author: Santiago
          - this is part of my Read the World challenge, for the country of Puerto Rico (obviously)
          - This is a book of Puerto Rico legends.  18 short stories make up this very short book.  I feel like its size is a managable one with our summer plans.

6. The Travelers
          - Author: Regina Porter
          - This is a new book as well!  It just came out about a week ago, and I started listening to the audio verion.  To be honest - I am not sure how I feel about it so far.  There was a lot of language right out of the gate, and that usually isn't my thing.  I don't think a lot of swearing makes for a good story.  But it has eased off, so we will see where it goes.
          - This book covers the time from the 1950s-2010 with a large cast of characters that all become intertwined.  The book addresses family, race, class, prejudice, interracial marriage, etc. 

7. A Fish Caught in Time
           - Author: Weinberg
          - this is part of my Read The World challenge, for the country of Comoros
           - So this book is actually about a Fish.  The title is not a metaphor.  A researcher discovered a fish called the Coelacanth that was thought extinct.  Dating back 400 million years, the discovery of this fish was dubbed the "greatest scientific discovery this century". 

8. Recursion
          - Author: Blake Crouch
          - I am buying into the hype about this book.  Every other bookstagram picture I have seen over the last few weeks was this book, so I am curious about its popularity. 
          - The main character is investigating something called "False Memory Syndrome"  - a mysterious affliction that drives victims mad with memories of a life they never lived.  Sounds intriguing!

9. Stranded in the Seychelles
          - Author: Bev Spicer
          - This is part of my Read the World challenge, for the country of Seychelles (obviously)
          - I thought this would be another good summer read since it takes place in a beautiful place.  This is a memoir of the author and her friend Carol.  They fly to the Seychelles to teach students.  It is a very short book, so perfect for lazy summer days.

10. Mrs. Everything
          - Author: Jennifer Weiner
          - another one that has been making the bookstagram circulation that has caught my eye.  Jennifer Weiner is one of my favorite authors, and her books are always good for a summer read.
          - This book takes place in the 1950s and is about two sisters - Jo and Bethie.  Bethie becomes an adventurous wildchild, while Jo becomes a proper mother, happy to be on the sidelines.  Two sisters with very different dreams and very different paths.

What say you?  What is on your Summer TBR list?

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