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Breathe To Read

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Read The World - Micronesia - The Island of the Sequined Love Nun

Book: The Island of the Sequined Love Nun
Author: Christopher Moore
Pages: 336
Book takes place in the country: YES
Author is from the country: NO
I have visited: NO

This is my 89th read for the year

I have been on vacation with the family for the last 7 days, and didn't get as much reading done as I would have liked.  But I did get this audiobook in on the way down and the way back from Lake Norman, NC.  So that was something!

This is the story of Tucker Case.  Tucker was a pilot for a big cosmetic company - that is until he wrecked on of the company's planes while drunk.  Unemployed, and without a pilot's license, Tucker is desparate to work.  He receives a suspicious letter from a missionary in Micronesia who knows who he is, but wants him to fly for them anyway.  The job would pay enormously well - flying medical supplies for 2 years.  Tucker - being desparate - accepts the job, and thus sets off on a whirlwind journey on this small island.  The medical supplies are suspicious, the work of the missionaries is shady.  Tucker plans on getting to the bottom of what is going on, and works to redeem himself by helping the people of Micronesia.

This is a cute book.  IT is silly and an easy read, and it really passed the 16 hours I had traveling in the car.  The audiobook version was a good one - the reader was excellent.  It really help my attention.  I enjoyed it and I hope to read a few more books by this author in the future.

Stars: 4

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