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Breathe To Read

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Top Ten Tuesday - Childhood favorites

This Top Ten Tuesday game was developed by The Artsy Reader.  Check out her blog and play along!

Today's Top Ten list is : Childhood favorites

I am sure all readers can look back on their childhood and remember books that they loved the most.  Books that were maybe read to them, or books that they read themselves.  I am sure the list would be long.

I still read to my two youngest children each night (Even though they are 13) and while the book "types" have changed, the love of reading to them hasn't.  My mom read to me, and I hope that someday my children read to their children, and that it will be something that continues for generations.

Many of the books I loved as a child, I read to my own children.  I am sure many of you do the same.

1. Babysitters Club
         - I would imagine a lot of girls (and boys) loved this series.  I collected all the books on my shelf and read the over and over again.  Now they have Babysitters Club graphic novels in an updated form for today's kids.  My youngest daughter loves the graphic novels.


2. Charlotte's Web
       - This one I KNOW everyone knows.  A classic across the ages - I had it read to me, and I have read it to all of my children when they were small.  It sits on our shelf as a permanent fixture of one of the most beloved childhood books we own.

3. Where The Sidewalk Ends
      - I have fond memories of my dad reading this one to my brother and I when we were young.  He would do all these silly voices that would have us rolling with laughter.  We have all of Shel Silverstein's books, and I loved sharing them with my own children.  We will still take them out every once in awhile to read some of his funny poems to brighten our day.

4. Corduroy
       - who could not love a story about a stuffed bear?  A sweet little bear with a lost button - what could be better?  Another book that traveled right from my childhood shelf, to my children's bookcase.

5. The Cat In The Hat
         - There is no doubt that most kids learn to read from Dr. Suess.  His clever, silly, wacky books are a delight - each and every one. 

6. Winnie The Pooh
          - Silly old bear.  He is silly, and dim, cuddly and cute.  I always had such a giggle with his stories as a kid - always left smiling at his antics.  My youngest daughter's favorite character is Eeyore - she has a pretty good collection - so we are big fans in this house.

7. Sweet Valley High
           - This was a love during my teenage years.  Again - like the Babysitter Club books, I had them all.  Read them over and over again.  This is one that I have not introducted my kids too.  I don't think they have redone them to "modernize" them at all (not that this would necessarily matter), so I don't know if I could get them into this series.  But I read them ALL.

8. Superfudge
         - I am read many a Judy Blume book - remember many of them being a part of my later childhood.  Superfudge was probably my first.  This one I have read with my kids and they were fans as well.

9. Ramona
      - I love this girl.  She is hysterical on a million levels.  I loved reading her books when I was a kid, and she is back for today's kids.  I have read the books with all three of my kids and we all love her and her antics.  Best character.


10.  Little House on the Prarie
          - who doesn't love these sweet books?  I still have the large print book I had as a child - with the pictures.  I would read the books and watch the show and just fell in love with the whole world.

So - what childhood books make your top 10?


  1. Agree with Charlottes Web! Great list! I think almost all of Roald Dahl would be on my list lol

  2. I think I read most of these but I never read any Judy Blume actually! I used to love the Babysitter's Club, and Little House on the Prairie....pretty sure I cried during Charlotte's Web though lol

  3. Baby-Sitters Club was ALLLL I read from age 9-17 or 18, no lies!! I loved that series as a kid so much!! I also remember Charlotte's Web too, that one was cute. And Beverly Cleary's books too!

  4. Oh I remember Corduroy! And I loved Ramona, Dr. Seuss and Little House on the Prairie too! :D