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Breathe To Read

Friday, September 20, 2019

Extra Book - Mrs. Everything

Book: Mrs. Everything
Author: Jennifer Weiner
Pages: 480

This is my 106th read for the year

I listened to this book, and it was LONG.  It is a 16+ hour listen, just in case you think this is how you would like to absorb this reading material.

This is the story of two sisters - Jo and Beth.  The book starts when they are young girls in the 1950s, and continues through to 2022.  It is told in both of their voices from both of their points of view.  Their lives encounter many twists and turns - love, hardship, loss, marriage, divorce, children, etc.  Their lives take on two separate paths - neither the girls expected - after a tragic loss in their family.  The girls stay in each others lives, but have a lot of ups and downs.  In the end, they realize that they need each other and are able to put all their past troubles behind them.

I don't want to give any spoilers away for this book, so I kept my recap brief.  I will say this - I am a big Jennifer Weiner fan - have read all of her books and have enjoyed them.  Up until now.  This book - be warned - this book contains just about every situation women in the 20th situation could possibly face.  The first 25% of the book was really tought to get through.  It did start to redeem itself after that, but the book is just way too long.  And there are way too many things happening to one family.  It was one depressing scene after another through almost 500 pages.  I never really felt anything for any of the characters.

I would say skip it.  It was disappointing on a lot of levels.  

Stars: 2

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  1. I've never heard of this book and I don't think I'll check it out after reading your review. But i'm sorry it disappointed you nonetheless.