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Breathe To Read

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Extra Book: Recruitment

Book: Recruitment
Author: K.A. Riley
Pages: 319

This is my 108th read of the year

I know I have a lot of "extra books" lately.  I seem to be vearing off my challenge a bit.  I do have reasons for that.  One is that a new library in town has a collection of English books and has added a few I have been anxious to read.  Two, now that I am deeper into my Read The World challenge, I am actually running into difficulty getting some of the books I want to read.  A lot of my challenge books are available through the library (ebook) and I have read through those.  Now I am coming to the ones where I am on a waiting list, or I cannot get through the library at all and have to buy.  I have saved those for last in case I come across something else that I can borrow instead of buy.

In short - I have to move slower due to availability.  Just a downside to living in a place where the libraries are mostly German books.  The upside is that I am getting to read a few things off challenge I have been wanting to.  Not all bad.


This is a story about Kress.  In a dystopian future, Kress and all the other 16 year olds in her town are about to turn 17.  Everyone has the same birthday, and on the day they all turn 17, the government comes for them to initiate them into the army.  For most of Kress' life the government has been at war with the Eastern Order.  Each year, they gather the new 17 year olds, take them away, and they are never heard from again.

This year Kress and her friends will get to see what happens once the government trains you to fight the enemy.  They are subject to weeks of training - both physical and mental.  They are forced to work together as a group and told they are the key to winning the war.  However, the longer the training goes on, the less anything about the war and the situation their country is in make sense.  Kress and her friends set out to figure out what is really going on.

This was an okay book.  I love dystopian novels, so anytime one is brought to my attention, I want to give it a chance.  This one was just okay.  It left me with more questions than answers - and not in a good way.  Not where you want to see where the next novel is going to answer those questions and continue a really thrilling interesting story.  Instead it was more questions about the sense of the story itself and all the plot holes.  The book moved slow.  The characters weren't very evolved.  It just wasn't a great start to a series.

I won't be reading the rest.  I am going to let this one go.

Stars: 3

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