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Breathe To Read

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Extra Book: The Trailing Spouse Reimagined

Book: The Trailing Spouse Reimagined
Author: A. Quark, R. Resler, F. Incocciati
Pages: 165

This is my 13th book for the year.

This is a book of stories about people who moved to Switzerland with their spouses who took a job here.  It is by local authors, and so I was excited to get a copy and read what others have experienced in my situation.

It was a great little book.  I found myself nodding my head reading the stories that were similar to my own.  We all have the same struggles when moving to a new country - espeically one where you don't speak the language - and it was a nice reminder that I am not alone.  

glad to have this little book as part of my shelf.  

Stars: 4

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