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Breathe To Read

Friday, February 14, 2020

Extra Book(s) - Locke and Key Series

Books:  Locke and Key books 1-6 (Graphic Novels)
Author: Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez
Pages: 986 over all 6 volumes

These are my 20-26th books for the year

I decided to review them all in one post since they are a continuous story of short-ish graphic novels

These books tell a story of the Locke family over several generations.  The story opens with the current day Lockes.  The Locke children's father has just been killed, and their mother - Nina - decides to uproot the family and move them across the country to Lovecraft, Massachussetts.  They are moving into the old Locke family home - called Keyhouse - that they haven't visited in years.  

Keyhouse isn't what it seems.  There are a ton of doors, and the kids keep discovering keys that cause magic beyond their wildest dreams.  When the youngest child - Bode - finds an old well on the property, and a voice echos his calls, trouble begins.  The more keys that are found, the more trouble that arises for the Locke children and their friends.  Their families past comes to light and the puzzle that is Keyhouse begins to fit together.

This was a great graphic novel story.  I don't read many graphic novels, but we just started watching the Locke and Key series on Netflix, and I decided I wanted to read it.  My husband had read that the TV show had been tamed down to appeal to kids (teens) but that the books were more.....Joe Hill.  (who is one of my favorite horror story authors).  So I wanted to see the real story.  It is a gruesome book - lots of killing and definitely scarier than the TV show.  But it was fantastic.  I loved the concept of the keys and what they lead to - it was very clever.

If you are a fan of graphic novels or horror or Joe Hill, you shouldn't miss this one.  They were great.

Stars: 4 1/2

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