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Breathe To Read

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

2021 Challenge: A Book With Discussion Questions At The End: As Bright As Heaven

 Book: As Bright As Heaven

Author: Susan Meissner

Pages: 464

This is my 44th read for the year

This is the story of the Bright family.  In 1918, Pauline and her husband Thomas move their young family to Philadelphia when Thomas is offered a job as an undertaker with his uncle's business.  Little did they know that the Spanish flu was coming and before things got better, the Bright family would be changed forever.  These changes will lead the 3 Bright daughters on three different paths trying to make sense of a world that claimed the lives of so many.

This was just an okay book.  I loved the first half of this book.  The story of this family in the midst of the Spanish Flu - trying to keep up with all the dead who are left at their funeral home - reminded me a lot of our current pandemic.  But the second half - was just fluff.  I was so disappointed when the book jumped 7 years into the future just to tell mundane stories of these three sisters and their love stories.  IT was like I was reading two different books.

The Fall of Marigolds, by Meissner, is one of my favorite books.  I was excited to dive into her writing once again - there is no doubt she is talented.  This story just didn't do anything for me after page 150 or so.

Stars: 3

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