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Breathe To Read

Friday, May 28, 2021

2021Challenge: Book You Would Rate 5 Stars: From Here To Eternity - Traveling The World To Find The Good Death

 Book:  From Here To Eternity - Traveling The World To Find The God Death

Author: Caitlin Doughty

Pages: 272

This is my 51st book for the year

This story is told by the author about her global travels to explore death rituals in different countries.  She discovers different customs all over the world and  how American funeral rituals compare.  She comes to the realization that the most effective rituals are when the family is directly involved.  Caitlin tells story after story of the people she encountered and gives the reader a new view on how different parts of the world view mortality.

This is Caitlin's second book and I was so excited to find it.  I read her first one (Smoke Gets In Your Eyes) and was captivated.  She is an excellent story teller and her encounters are fascinating.  She shows that there is no wrong way to mourn a loved one, or bury a loved one.  She tries to show that embracing the fear of death and burial and asking for what you want.  Caitlyn keeps things light hearted and witty and lead me to some serious introspection.

She is amazing.  Her books are excellent.  And I encourage you to read them all.

Stars: 5

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