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Breathe To Read

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

2016 Challenge - Book 25, An Absent Mind

One Third of the way finished!

Today's book I am reviewing is:

An Absent Mind

This was under the category:  A Book About A Medical Condition (this one was Alzheimer)

This is a story about an older gentleman who gets the diagnosis in his early 70s.  The story is told in the first person, and each chapter is told by a member of his family.  We hear how is wife, his daughter, and his son are dealing with his Alzheimer's as well as from the patient - Saul - himself.  Saul views things very differently than his family does as his starts to lose his ability to function on his own.  In the end, his family needs to make hard choices in terms of his care, and they talk about how hard it is to watch their love one no longer recognize them.

This was a good book.  It was an incredibly fast read - I finished it in less than 2 days.  I found parts of the book humorous - especially when Saul was talking.  It was also a "tug at your heartstrings" story, as we can all relate.  We are all worried that this could happen to us or our loved ones someday.  How hard it would be not to recognize anyone any more, or have them not recognize us.  How hard it would be to make the decision to put your loved on in a nursing home because you can no longer safely care for them any more.  How guilt - above anything else - is what consumes your days.

I recommend this book.  I read "Still Alice" and it was a better book, but this one was a close second.

Stars: 4

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